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Carp River overview

The Carp River property comprised of five (5) contiguous mineral claims totaling 5,606.48 ha., is located immediately north of the hamlet of Stony Rapids in the province of Saskatchewan.  Stony Rapids is a full service community with a commercial airport.  Access to the Property is via fixed wing or helicopter aircraft.  From a regional perspective, the property lies within the Tantato Domain, which makes up part of the significant Snowbird Tectonic Zone.  Regionally, bedrock consists primarily of mafic granulite and garnet-pyroxene diatexite formations, which extend on strike to the west towards the Axis Lake and Rea Lake Ni-Cu-Co deposits and the Currie Lake occurrences located within 5km to 10km to the west of Carp River.

Historic exploration by Red Dragon and Pure Nickel Inc. in 2005 included a regional airborne VTEM (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic) geophysics survey which covered the known Axis Lake, Rea Lake, Currie Lake and other showings. Interpretation of the 2005 VTEM survey, picked numerous highly rated VTEM anomalies over the Carp River property. Follow-up soil grid surveys were conducted over areas where they determined that the conductors looked prospective.  Red Dragon and Pure Nickel determined that the Ni-Cu-Co anomalies became more intense close to nickeliferous norite bodies. One of those grids surveyed was the Carp River grid, located in the middle of the Carp River property, where soil results were significant and comparable to those around Axis Lake and Currie Lake occurrences. 

SKRR cautions that some of the historical results were collected and reported by past operators and have not been verified nor confirmed by a Qualified Person, but form a basis for future work on the Carp River Property. Mineralization hosted on nearby properties is not necessarily indicative of mineralization that may be hosted on the Carp River Property.

Carp River Property Overview
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Carp River Copper Values in Soil
Carp River Magnesium Values in Soil
Carp River Nickel Values in Soil Map
Carp River Map of Cobalt Values in Soil
Carp River Map of Chromium Values in Soil