Nickel Peak Group

World Class Jurisdiction For Nickel

Nickel Peak Group

World-class jurisdiction: Located in B.C.’s Omineca mining division, host to world-class mining projects.

High-grade historic nickel assays and sampling: Results indicate promising data for metallic mineralization discoveries

Strong blue-sky potential Documented presence of awaruite, in an underexplored area of an active nickel camp.

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SKRR’s 100% owned Nickel Peak claim group spans 8,425 acres (3,410 hectares) and is approximately 110 kilometres northwest of Fort St. James, B.C., in the Omineca mining district.

Highly prospective claims cover areas of interest over the Creek complex-Trembleur ultramafite unit Late Pennsylvanian to Late Triassic ultramafic rocks, contiguous to FPX Nickel Corp. (FPX – TSX.V)

The Nickel Peak claim group is located to the north of the FPX Nickel’s Decar nickel project, an advanced project in targeting awaruite, a nickel-iron alloy mineral, hosted by serpentinized ultramafic intrusive rocks of the Trembleur ultramafic unit.

SKRR Nickel Peak Group Claims Map


Nickel Peak Group claims are contiguous to the east of Surge Battery Metal’s (NILI – TSX.V) and Nickel Rock Resources (NICL – TSX.V) “Nickel 100” group that cover 18 B.C. Minfile chromite occurrences, some of which are reported to be mineralized with nickel, platinum-palladium group and other rare, highly valuable elements. 

Nickel-cobalt mineralization has not been well-explored, but the presence of awaruite has been documented. Geologist Ursula Mowat completed a preliminary fieldwork program over the area of the Nickel 100 claim group in 2004, and confirmed the presence of elevated nickel, cobalt and chromium values in rocks and stream sediments. Ms. Mowat is the recipient of the 2015 H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award for Excellence in Prospecting and Mineral Exploration granted by the Association of Mineral Exploration in B.C. (AME B.C.). AME B.C. is both a large and successful industry association representing the mineral exploration industry in B.C.


SKRR Nickel Peak Group Geology Map


Assays by Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. in 2005 returned up to:

• 1,826 parts per million (ppm)
• 1,734 ppm nickel
• 1,113 ppm chromium.

Sample results from an isolated mag anomaly on the SKRR’s Nickel Peak 1 claim block documented the presence of awaruite and returned up to: 1,240 ppm nickel in 2008 (master identification (ID): 093N081399) and 771.4 ppm nickel in 1983 (master ID: 093N833085)

Claims sold to Surge Battery Metals (NILI) on Nov 17th 2021

SAMPLING ON THE OS, PT, PD, AND IR CLAIMS Omineca< Mining Division 93 -N-6 W/O9 3N0 2 3. MOWAT, P. Geo. May, 2005

Nickel Peak Group Residual Total Magnetic Field Map

SAMPLING ON THE OS, PT, PD, AND IR CLAIMS Omineca< Mining Division 93 -N-6 W/O9 3N0 2 3. MOWAT, P. Geo. May, 2005