Watts Lake - Zinc Property

Advanced Asset in Top Jurisdiction

Watts Lake PROPERTY​

Advanced Asset in Top Jurisdiction with 3 Pillars to Success
  • Large Land Package
  • Borys Lake historic Zinc-Lead-Silver Deposits
  • Excellent Blue-Sky Potential
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Volcanic Massive Sulphide (VMS) Deposit
  • In Canada, VMS mining responsible for 49% of Zn, 20% OF Pb, 27% Cu and 40% OFAg
  • Flin Flon District near SK-MB border has been a historically important district for VMS ore production
  • Watts Lake Project located ~150km to west of Flin Flon in same
  • VMS deposits form on sea-floor in submarine volcanic environments whereby hot water hydrothermal vent systems precipitate massive sulphide metal mineralization
  • VMS deposits are often found in clusters and can be major sources of Zinc, Copper and Lead & often include Silver and Gold asby-products
  • 350 VMS deposits in Canada and 850 worldwide
Large Land Package
  • ~13,248 ha property in Saskatchewan, close to major highway
  • Main Zone has 975m of strike length and open on strike and depth and was first drilled in 1972 and historic resource estimate only from surface to 30m depth
  • Numerous mineralized surface drill intersections including occurrences of zinc, copper, silver, gold, nickel and cobalt that are over a 4.5km strike length
Historic Borys Lake
  • Main Zone: ~975m strike length and averaging 5.3m to 19.5m wide. The main zone is open at depth.
  • Mac, Will A, Will B and Cam Zones: Drill tested and similarly mineralized. No historic resource estimate calculated.
  • Shine plans to drill mineralized zones with the intention to confirm and potentially expand on results and with a further aim towards a 43-101 compliant resource estimate.

Successful 2019 Drill Program

  • Shallow Depth Mineralization: Numerous historic trenches show mineralization to surface
  • BorysLake Trend: ~4.5km strike length
  • Cominco A and B Zones: 3km to south
  • High-grade Zinc-Lead-Silver mineralization:Confirmed mineralization in 2018 Assays up to 21.3% Zinc (Borys Lake Trench 4 –Main Zone)
  • 184 g/t silver is from Borys Lake Trench 8

Bory’s Lake Main Zone: Drilling Confirms Shallow Depth, Wide Zone & Continuity

Seven core holes drilled beneath Trench 4 over 50m on strike confirm lateral and vertical continuity from surface to >100m depth with strong zinc, lead and silver mineralization over wide intervals

Section 050W*

WL19-006 (Line 050W): 30.5m of total composite mineralization in multiple wide intervals including 13.5m @ 7.83% Zn+Pband 13.23 g/t Ag

WL19-005 (Line 050W): 28.0m of total composite mineralization including 27.0m @ 4.84% Zn+Pband 17.78 g/t Ag

Section 000E*

WL19-002 (Line 000E): 23.5m of total composite mineralization including 14.0m @ 4.76% Zn+Pband 10.04 g/t Ag

*Section 050W

*Section 000E

Blue Sky Potential

Mineralization traced over BorysLake trend for 4.5km. Large conductive corridor which includes Borys Lake deposit. Numerous mineralized surface drill intersections including occurrences of zinc, copper, silver, gold, nickel and cobalt

Borys Lake Trench 4: Eight samples collected returning the highest Zinc values ranging from 1.92% to 21.3% Zn.Silver mineralization ranging from 5.3 to 56.7 g/t Ag.

Borys Lake Trench 8: Five samples collected returning the highest silver valuesSilver mineralization ranging from 70.2 to 184 g/t Ag.

Cominco Zone B: Copper values resulted up to 0.61% Cu and silver up to 7.6 g/t Ag